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The Visitation

“The baby in my womb leaped for joy” (Luke 1:44). This is what Elizabeth exclaims to Mary at the Visitation. In one simple line we find exemplified an unborn child’s humanity, and a mother’s intuition.

The grace in being Catholic is that we understand the redeeming power of suffering, the sacrificial nature of love, and the resolve to do the right thing, even—and especially—when it is the hard thing. So, when Jesus and His Church guide us on all matters of morality and virtue, the pro-life stance—rather than a position—is a second nature; we cannot fathom the reality of what is being done to innocent children by the ones who are created to protect them most fiercely.

An unborn child’s humanity, and a mother’s intuition. The former is science and arguably common sense, and the latter is one of the greatest forces of love manifest on this earth. What has happened to us?

A society that has turned its back on God will by default work for the enemy. Satan lies to us and uses our passions—even our apathy—to drive his cause: the loss of life, and the corruption and ultimate loss of souls.

In the Visitation we see three persons open to God’s Will. Mary’s fiat—her “yes”—, Elizabeth’s faith which blessed her with a child, and preborn John the Baptist, joyfully reactive to the presence of the Lord.

I am grieved by those who have forgotten their innate dignity and worth, even more deeply since becoming a mother. I am, however, always hopeful in the mission God has given His faithful. Do not despair, the war has been won. May God bless you as you continue to fight each battle; you are never alone.

As we approach Easter, Catholics celebrate Lent. Lent is marked by 40 days before Easter. During this time I hope to be a public witness to the world by praying outside an abortion facility for the end of abortion. Prayer is a powerful tool that we should all be taking advantage of to defeat the evil of abortion!


I am a blessed housewife, staying home with my two wonderful kids. My husband is a real state agent that loves to evangelize on his free time. I enjoy evangelizing too on my Catholic faith specifically on my Youtube Channel @catholicetcetera

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