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A Gift for you!

GREAT NEWS!!!  With thanks to an anonymous donor, Hamilton Right to Life is able to offer you Pro Life Resources on Demand through a FREE subscription to FORMED. Even better than Netflix!  You will have access to hundreds of videos, audios and e-books which you can access on your computer, tablet, phone or smart TV.

FREE Content just for YOU!

Although there are hundreds of videos across many topics of which you have full access, we have streamlined this link specifically for Pro-Life content:

In addition to the information being validated for authenticity and accuracy, it is also in compliance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

To access these videos you will need to create a free account on Please create your account before clicking on the videos. Do not use the free trial offered by FORMED as we have already paid for you.  No credit card or payment method is required – it is FREE!

To Register

Visit and type “Hamilton Right to Life” and click on Hamilton Right to Life when it appears then click NEXT where you will be asked your name and email. 


That’s it! Once you are registered, you will simply click on ‘Sign In’ and enter your email, FORMED will quickly send you an email with a link for you to click to start watching, no passwords to remember or access codes, just your email!

There is something for everyone! Here is a sample of some of the amazing Pro-Life content on FORMED. Click on each picture to go directly to each content:

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