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Light in the Darkness- Mesmerizing on Canada's March for Life with C-Dot

What a Rollercoaster.

This year was not my first experience with the March for Life, however, it was definitely the most involved I have ever been.

Being a Guest Performer, as well as a member of the Campaign Life Coalition Youth Committee, I had the opportunity to be a part of the “behind the scenes” process. This gave me the chance to witness all the collaborative effort, planning, & physical labour that goes into the March & surrounding events. From setting up booths, to filling tote bags & assembling signs, there is so much to appreciate about the individuals who make this all possible. 

Working behind the scenes also gave me the chance to chat with speakers 1 on 1 which was uniquely interesting. It’s fun to talk with someone as a friend, discuss similarities, only to learn their background & witness them speak before thousands of people!

Performing at the Candlelight Vigil, Youth Summit, & being interviewed by Kevin Dunn for EWTN were all such incredible learning experiences. Having released the song “THE CRY (STORY)” on my DICHOTOMY Album last July, & having been led by God to share it at several events: Halton Alive Gala, Hamilton Right to Life Gala Dinner, HamiltonYouPoet’s Slam Poetry Championship at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. But performing at the March was especially monumental. It’s Nation-wide significance, & the fact that EWTN was always on the family TV growing up made it personally meaningful… even my Mom cried over the phone when I told her the news of the opportunity. The 2024 National March for Life will be a lasting checkpoint in my journey as an Artist, & human being. With gratitude beyond words, I look forward to seeing what becomes of it in the future. You are more than invited to share this song "THE CRY" that can change minds and hearts on the meaning behing having an abortion.

The students at the Youth Summit were also fantastic. They’re all around my age making it really easy to have solid conversations! These interactions really humanized everything for me, noticing that, as funny as it sounds, everyone involved is simply a human being that really cares! Their uniqueness manifests itself as a result of their heart posture.

I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity to share light in Hamilton and to all Canadians at the Vigil and Summit. Currently, my next Music Project, “LiGHT” is in the works, and I also have about 20 Custom T-Shirts remaining from the March for Life if you are interested…

Feel free to contact me for any performance requests at

I reside in Hamilton, ON. On my free time I like to play sports, like Hockey, come up with new beats and lyrics, and of course I always enjoy a good debate!


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