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Have the Child, Have Some Hope

Being pro-life as a man involves embracing the belief that every human life, regardless of its stage of development, deserves protection and dignity. Advocates argue that unborn fetuses possess inherent value and rights, and they emphasize the moral responsibility to defend these lives. Some pro-life men may base their stance on religious or ethical grounds, viewing the sanctity of life as a fundamental principle guiding their convictions. For me, the decision to protect the unborn is not solely a women's issue but a collective societal responsibility.

In addition to moral and ethical considerations, some pro-life men may emphasize the impact on family structures and relationships. We could say that fostering a culture of life promotes stronger families and communities. This perspective often views supporting pregnant women, offering alternatives to abortion, and encouraging responsible fatherhood as essential components of a pro-life stance. By focusing on comprehensive approaches that address the broader context, I believe men should aim to support the creation of a society where life is valued and protected at all stages. A comprehensive pro-life approach acknowledges the complexities surrounding unplanned pregnancies and strives to create a supportive and empathetic environment. By addressing various aspects of healthcare, education, social support, and economic factors, proponents aim to create a culture that values and protects life from conception to natural death.

Furthermore, men may seek to engage in open and respectful dialogues to challenge and reshape societal perspectives on abortion. Our advocacy may extend beyond legal frameworks, aiming to foster a culture that values and supports life from conception to natural death. This approach encourages conversations that explore alternatives to abortion, such as comprehensive sex education, access to healthcare, and support for families facing challenging circumstances. Ultimately, being pro-life as a man involves a commitment to promoting a culture that values the inherent dignity of every human being. With my personal experience, my dad was the parent that stayed around and my mother decided not to. So I got to see a great example of men standing up for life and rising to the occasion to follow through with raising a child. Nevertheless, I’m truly grateful for my mother’s decision to carry me to term, she had me and left me in the care of my father. God did the rest and I’m eternally grateful for an oppurtunity at life. So my perspective will always be, have the child and give it to people willing and able to take care of it instead of ending an innocent life. Glory be to God.


Joewayne Watson

Is an Immigrant turned citizen Jamaican by birth. Spent most of his life in Canada since the age of 12. His religious beliefs are Apostolic Christian. His most used phrase is “living the dream”. This is because he grew up in a single parent household then later was able to know what it was like to be live a two parent household through his dad. He has spent years in the health care sector as a PSW and is now changing careers to being a tradesman (carpenter, entrepreneur). Hobbies are creation, for example: cooking, music (singing or playing an instrument), building things with his hands.

family after his father married.

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